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Breanna of the Black Wave is a woman from Mundania, the Black Village, then Castle Zombie in Xanth. Her talent is seeing in blackness. She was first introduced in Zombie Lover as a major character.

Breanna was born in 1083. She is the wife of Justin and mother of Amber Dawn. She is 35 years old.

Breanna was 15 years old when first introduced. She has lustrous black hair to waist, glowing green eyes, and a nice figure. She taught the Demon Xanth how to dream. She was a companion of Edsel and Pia Putz when they visited Xanth. Xeth led her to the Ring of Fire for the Swell Foop. She became the host of Demon Venus who was assigned the emotion of love. She took Com Ponentʼs cookie. She took over Castle Zombie with Justin after Jonathan and Millie retired.

Novels: Zombie Lover, Xone of Contention, The Dastard, Swell Foop, Up in a Heaval, Cube Route, Currant Events, Pet Peeve, Air Apparent, Esrever Doom

A Bold Title means she was a major character. A Small Title means she was only mentioned.

Character notes


Human men and women will not have a species in their entries. Also, if the surname of the character is the character's species, it was dropped.

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In some instances, I have made educated guesses on gender, species, and some birth years.


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