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The Thuril are similar in appearance to the Tsurani, though they have their own language and customs. An uneasy peace exists between the Tsurani and the Thuril; however the current border has existed for some time. They are also descended from refugees of the Chaos War, arriving at the same time as the Tsurani. On their original world they were allied with winged snakes, but these creatures died out and remain only as mythological symbols.


The Tsurani are a human race, with elements of Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Aztec cultures. Their average height is approximately 5 feet; a man of 5'7" is considered tall. They are descended from a race that fled to Kelewan during the original Chaos Wars. The Tsurani Empire is divided into clans and houses, there are also Great Ones, Tsurani magicians who follow the Greater Path, they belonged to nowhere except the assembly and were outside the law until Mara of the Acoma, whose son was later Emperor of Tsuranuanni, stops them being outside the law.


The Cho'ja are an ant-like race. They can speak both their own language and the language of the Tsurani with whom they are allied. A Cho'ja mine present on Tsurani lands can bring about great trade opportunities from the minerals derived by Cho'ja workers, and new Cho'ja queens often negotiate with Tsurani leaders when deciding where to establish a nest. The Cho'ja originally had magical abilities, though the domination of the Cho'ja by Tsurani magicians drove them underground. The Cho'ja can also make silk of great quality. It is possible to ride a Cho'ja as they have nubs on their lower stomach.


The Lasura, known as the Thun by the humans of Kelewan, are almost identical to centaurs. They are a nomadic people who inhabited Kelewan before the arrival of the Tsurani and Thuril at the time of the great rift. The Lasura have been driven back to the frozen tundra to the north of Kelewan, however young male Lasura must make a raid once each year and return with one Tsurani head to prove their worth to the herd.


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