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I hope you enjoy these television and film crossovers. I included official, unofficial, and disputed crossovers. There are several sites that helped me in putting this together: Thomas Holbrook's site Crossovers and Spin Offs and Keith Gow's and Ash Crowe's site The Tommy Westphall Universe. You can also visit Robert E. Wronski Jr.'s Television Crossover Universe that has given me a few insights. Without those resources, I would not be as far along as I am now. I am very thankful for their work even thought there are a few places where I disagree with Holbrook, Gow, Crowe, or Wronski.

I have been working on verifying and adding to or severing Westphall crossovers.

There are some crossover continuities that are not covered here because they are well covered elsewhere such as Stephen King's and Quentin Tarantino's separate universes and the Pixar Theory. If my research connects a continuity with the ones currently here, they will be included then.

I will not mention all of the character crossovers between series in a franchise. So, I will not break down all of the characters who crossed between the various Stak Trek, Law & Order, or Doctor Who franchises. I may mention characters who crossed over between the franchises within the Wolf universe.

The crossovers are mostly in chronological order by the episodes' air dates.

I have many personal rules I use to determine if two series crossed over or not. I am pretty strict with them, however I have made a few exceptions.

TV series and films not considered

I do not consider crossovers with the following types of films, TV series, and episodes...

People not considered

People appearing as themselves and historical figures are not considered for crossovers. When Jon Cryer, Charlie Sheen, and Angus Jones appeared in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Two and a Half Deaths as themselves, not their characters from Two and a Half Men, the series did not cross. Mark Twain visiting the Enterprise-D on Star Trek: The Next Generation Time's Arrow will not create a crossover with any other series where Mark Twain is a character.

Reference specificity

The more specific a reference, the better chance I will consider it a crossover.

When a reference is specific, a crossover did occur. When the titular Luther mentions John Munch by name and specifically mentions where he works, the SVU; a crossover occurred with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

When a reference is vague, a crossover did not occur. On Haven The Trial of Audrey Parker, Agent Audrey Parker mentions an agent Agent Byron Howard trained who was chasing aliens, a crossover did not occur with The X-Files. Had Agents Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, or any other agent from The X-Files been mentioned by name, this would make a cross, however, the reference is too vague to be legitimate. I would have allowed it if any of the writers or the director had been involved with The X-Files.

Reference specificity also includes the use of names. If the names are not the same, then no crossover occured unless the name change is addressed directly on screen or by the creators of the crossover.

Big (and little) fake companies fall under this rule.

Stock footage

If two series only share stock footage, it does not mean they crossed over. However, if the events in the stock footage are mentioned, it just might create a crossover.

Good reason

After all of my other rules are applied, there are some crossovers that would be considered too vague to count. Sometimes I come across a good reason to allow the crossover. So if the argument for the crossover is good enough, I will include it.

I feel like it

And after having a good reason, sometimes I just feel like saying two series crossed over with each other. The proof may be scant, but sometimes I just decide to add it.


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