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Westerns in Crisis

The Westerns in Crisis crossover continuity was trimmed from Westpahll. A surprising crossover brought the Westerns together with the Arrowverse along with many other franchises.

The Westerns

Alias Jesse James and The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw assembled large groups of western television characters.

This continuity is Thomas Holbrookʼs group 22 with several additions.

Alias Jesse James

Alias Jesse James had appearances by...

The Gambler Returns

The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw is the fourth film in the series which began with Kenny Rogers as The Gambler. Kenny Rogers as The Gambler: The Adventure Continues and Kenny Rogers as The Gambler, Part III: The Legend Continues preceded The Gambler Returns and Gambler V: Playing for Keeps succeeded it.

The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw had appearances by...

The spin-offs

Gunsmoke spun off Dirty Sally and five television films. The Rifleman spun off Law of the Plainsman. The Virginian spun off Laredo.


Cheyenne spun off Bronco and The Dakotas.


Maverick spun off the film The New Maverick and television series Young Maverick and Brett Maverick. There is also the non-contiguous Maverick film from 1994.

Kung Fu

Kung Fu spun off Kung Fu: The Movie, Kung Fu: The Next Generation, and Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. The latter have Kwai Chang Caine, the grandson of the original Kwai Chang Caine.

Other crossovers

Bret Maverick, played by James Garner, appeared in Cheyenne The Last Train West

Bret Maverick appeared in Sugarfoot Misfire.

Bart Maverick, played by Jack Kelly, appeared in Sugarfoot Price on His Head.

Christopher Colt, from Colt and played by Wayde Preston, appeared in Sugarfoot The Canary Kid, Return of the Canary Kid, The Trial of the Canary Kid, and The Canary Kid, Inc.

In Maverick Gun-Shy, Marshall Dooley makes a comment about that gunslinger who handed out business cards. Paladin from Have Gun - Will Travel handed out business cards.

Bronco Layne and Christopher Colt appared in Sugarfoot The Trial of the Canary Kid.

Maverick Hadley's Hunters had appearances by Cheyenne Bodie, played by Clint Walker; Bronco Layne, played by Ty Hardin; Tom 'Sugarfoot' Brewster, played by Will Hutchins; and Marshal Dan Troop, from Lawman and played by John Russell.

Tom Brewster appeared in Maverick Bolt from the Blue.

Tom Brewster appeared in Cheyenne Duel at Judas Basin.

Bronco Layne appared in Sugarfoot Angel.

Tom Brewster appeared in Bronco Yankee Tornado.

Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson appeared in Paradise A Gathering of Guns.

Cheyenne Bodie appeared in Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Gunfighters.


Arrow spun off The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. John Constantine from Constantine appeared on Arrow Haunted.

When the titular character from the 2016 The Flash traveled to Earth-2 in Welcome to Earth-2, the Flash from the 1990 The Flash is seen along with Supergirl. The Trickster and Tina McGee from the 1990 The Flash also appear on the 2016 The Flash. The Flash appeared on Supergirl World's Finest.

Since the birth of the greater Arrowverse, there have been many events to tie the series together.

A live-action Vixen appeared in Arrow Taken.

Jefferson Pierce, Black Lightning, appeared on The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

Tying it together

In The Lone Ranger radio series, the character Dan Reid, Jr. was established as the nephew of the Lone Ranger. The Green Hornet radio series episode Too Hot to Handle established Dan Reid, Jr. was the father of Britt Reid. Both series were created by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker. They would go on to create the two television series, though it is unclear if the relationship between the Long Ranger and Green Hornet made it to those adaptations.

Disconnecting from Westphall

Several television series in this continuity have been disconnected from Westphall.

Holy defenestration, Batman!

from ABC, NBC, and CBS

On Batman (1966) many actors have stuck their heads out of a window while Batman and Robin were climbing a wall. In rare cases, a character would stick his head out of a window. These are not crossovers by my definition, though others include them.

When Bill Dana stuck his head out of a window, he appeared as himself not Jose Jimenez from The Bill Dana Show.

The Addams Family (1964) was canceled several months prior to Lurch sticking his head out of a window on Batman.

Batman was set in the 60s, so when Colonel Klink from the World War II era's Hogan's Heroes stuck his head out of a window, he was very out of date.

A crossover did not happen when The Green Hornet (1966) and Kato stuck their heads out of a window in season two of Batman. Near the end of season two, there was a crossover when The Green Hornet and Kato appeared on the Batman episodes A Piece of the Action and Batman's Satisfaction. The Green Hornet is a nephew of The Lone Ranger in their respective radio shows. The radio shows were by the same company and then made into television series by the same people, so their crossover works.

This continuity is severed from Thomas Holbrookʼs DCU group.

Two different Dominic Alonzos

It was thought that Dominic Alonzo from Arrow The Undertaking was mentioned on Hawaii Five-0 Ho'oilina. However, the Dominic Alonzo from Hawaii Five-0 died eight years before the episode Ho'oilina. With a Dominic Alonzo appearing a year and a half earlier on Arrow, the two men with the same name are not the same man.



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