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Trimmed from Westphall

These crossovers have been trimmed from Westphall. They are still part of the Tommy Westphall Universe elsewhere. Some crossover enthusiasts have created crossovers where it does not make much sense. Here are those I consider non-crosses, however there may still be crossovers in these non-crosses.


Back to Westphall

Blossom in the All in the Families continuity had a small crossover that put it back into Westphall.

NCIS in the JAG and NCIS continuity had a small crossover that put it back into Westphall.

No News for the Detectives

At first I did not consider the Los Angeles Tribune a crossover; however, after seeing many screen shots, I was convinced the series using it did cross with each other. There is news for the detectives.

Westerns in Crisis

The Westerns and the Arrowverse came together through a surprising link. Both are still disconnected from Westphall, but who knows for how much longer?

Drag a big net

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