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Oceanic Airlines

Oceanic Airlines became popular when Lost premiered, though the airline existed for at least a decade prior to Lost. Not all series which mention Oceanic Airlines cross over with each other. One note of caution, the list of series was compiled on Wikipedia, so some of these may not even contain Oceanic Airlines (or similarly named airlines). You can also read Poobala's article.

Stock footage

When money is in short supply, going out and getting fresh footage could break the bank, so reusing footage from other sources is the way to go. The use of stock footage does not constitute a crossover, unless the events in the original are referenced specifically. So while these all contain footage from Executive Decision, they do not cross over with it or anything else which uses the same footage.

Before Lost

These series mention Oceanic, but these appearances of Oceanic were prior to Lost, so do not count as crossovers with it. How could there be any intention of crossing with Lost when it was not even on television yet nor in popular culture?

Lostʼs Oceanic Airlines

Once Lost premiered and became entrenched into popular culture, it was inevitable some would want to include it in their series whenever they needed an airline. Also, being on the same network means it is easier to get the rights to use the logo and name of Lost's Oceanic Airlines. When it comes to Chuck from NBC, I read a good argument to merit its inclusion on this list. LAX, also from NBC, had a similarly good argument.

Oceanic Air

The airline on these series is Oceanic Air not Oceanic Airlines. However, these could be considered a crossover since the font used in both is nearly identical to the naked eye.

The logo for Oceanic Airlines is not the same as seen on Lost.


Animated series do not form crossovers with live action series unless the animated series is considered canon with a live action series which already crossed over. It does not matter if the Oceanic Airlines logo and name are an exact match to any of the above, there is no crossover.

Unknown Oceanic Airlines connection


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