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Big fake companies

When creating a crossover between two series with a big (or little) fake company, it might be good to apply a reality check. The biggest hint the two companies are not the same is the name of the company. Companies are sticklers when it comes to the use of its company name. So no matter how close the names are, they are not the same company. Oceanic Airlines from Lost would not truncate their company name on their tickets, meaning Oceanic Air from Fringe is not the same company. Also, mentioning a paper factory in Slough on Lost does not mean it is Wernham Hogg from The Office (U.K.).

The next biggest is the logos. If they are not the same, then there is no cross. Companies spend millions on their logos and signage. When a company changes its logo, it costs millions, so companies do not change their logos often if ever. A real world example of where a logo is changed is the McDonald's in Sedona, Arizona with turquoise arches. The town asked McDonald's to change its logo's color because the golden arches would clash with natural color of the city, however, the shape of the arch is the same. In the rest of the world, the arches are golden.

There are many companies which are hard to determine whether they are a crossover or not. So, unless noted to the contrary, these companies form crossovers.


Morley and Oceanic Airlines are covered separately.

Yoyodyne is covered well in Thom Holbrooks's article.

Finder-Spyder, MacCutchoen Whisky, and Trans Global Airlines need further investigation before crossover determinations can be made.

Doublemeat Palace

The Doublemeat Palace is a fake fast food restaraunt appearing first on Buffy the Vampire Slayer Doublemeat Palace. It was mentioned in Dexter Truth Be Told and used again in Andy Barker, P.I. Fairway, My Lovely.

Gannon Car Rentals

Gannon Car Rentals is a fake car rental company. The same name and logo are used throughout its appearances.


Lariat is several fake car rental companies that can be used when a real company can not be. The use of Lariat does not constitute a crossover because of name and logo mismatches.

The Montecito Resort and Casino

The Montecito Resort and Casino is a fake hotel and casino featured in Las Vegas. Other NBC series used The Montecito.

Nozz-a-la Cola

Nozz-a-la Cola is a fake cola company first appearing in Stephen King's Dark Tower world. From all the descriptions I have found, it appears Nozz-a-la Cola's design is like the design of Coca-Cola. The advertisement on the balloon on Lost looks nothing like it. The Dark Tower world will remain safely discrete for now.

Sergio Georgini

Sergio Georgini is a fake fashon company appearing first on The Office (U.K.) Party. It also appeared on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia A Very Sunny Christmas.


Slusho! is a fake frozen drink appearing first on and popularized by Alias It Begins. The logo seen on Alias is different from the logos in all other appearances, however, the logos in future appearances are the same. The logo rule is being suspended for this company since all appearances except Heroes were produced by J.J. Abrams.

Trans Global Airlines

Trans Global Airlines is a fictional airline first appearing in Airport. As of now, I do not have episode information or screen shots so can not confirm any of these as crossovers.

I am still working on the other connections.


Weyland-Yutani is a fake mulinational conglomerate appearing first in Aliens. Joss Whedon included this company in his other works. (I am still waiting to see if Weyland-Yutani appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.)


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