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Morley became popular with its use in The X-Files however the earliest known use of the brand name is in Psycho. Not all series which mention Morley cross over with each other. One note of caution, the list of series was compiled on Wikipedia, so some of these may not even contain Morley cigarettes (or similarly designed cigarette pack).

Etruscan horse

The Etruscan horse Morley was the first package design introduced, possibly on Psycho. Anything using this design could be considered a crossover with Psycho.

Red box Morley

The red box Morley pack design first appeared on Beverly Hills 90210. Since The X-Files became part of popular culture, Morley is used to create crossovers by enthusiasts.



Other pack designs

The Etruscan horse and Marlboro look-alike designs are not the only ones out there.

Not Morley

It could be there are those creatives who know about the popularity of the Morley brand and want to distance themselves from it, so use another name on the packaging. On Frasier Morning Becomes Entertainment (6 Apirl 2000) the pack looks like Morley, but the company name is Adler.

Seen but unclear

Sometimes there is a pack which looks like Morley, but the angle or distance of the shot makes it impossible to tell if the pack says Morley or not.

Heard but not seen

Morley could be mentioned without ever showing a pack of cigarettes, making it impossible to tell where the series connects. On Judging Amy Can They Do That With Vegetables? (5 February 2002) the company is mentioned, but no pack is shown.

Not cigarettes

No matter the pack design, The Dick Van Dyke Show Sally is a Girl (19 December 1961) will not cross with any of the above groups. From the description of the appearance, the cigarettes are candy.


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