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Nick Lai Weixuan

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Crystal clear and deep wide eyes
So beautiful that it made the fey cry
Gentle hands smooth and fair
Constantly adjusts and smoothes her hair.

Coyness exudes an air of innocence
In a garden of peach blossom fragrance
She walks by them, and the branches shiver
The falling petals, a sight that made her quiver

Guided by inspiration, a dance improvised
Took my breath away, no mortal words can devise
I sketch her portrait, on the other side
Unknown to her, I sketch a work of pride

Such beauty that my words cannot describe
I sketch her beauty, and wish for her to be my bride


Soft blankets pulled overhead
As two figured lay together on bed
Quivering lips locked in passion
One's deep lust makes a confession.

Two bodies joined as one
In a dance that is exciting and fun
The heat of the moment is overwhelmingly good
After this bout they are still in the mood.

The scent of love is in the air
The skin of the maiden beautiful and fair
Her hair long and soft, silky and smooth
The alluring swing each time she moves.

This consumation of love both hold dear
As long as they are together, there is nothing to fear.