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Whiz Kids

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1983 - 1984 (1 season, 18 episodes)

Whiz Kids is a 1983 adventure and science fiction television series which ran for one year.

  1. "Programmed For Murder"
  2. "Fatal Error"
  3. "Deadly Access" crossed with Simon & Simon.
  4. "Candidate for Murder"
  5. "A Chip Off the Old Block"
  6. "Airwave Anarchy"
  7. "Return of the Big Rocker"
  8. "The Wrong Mr. Wright"
  9. "Red Star Rising"
  10. "The Network"
  11. "Watch Out!"
  12. "Amen to Amen-Re"
  13. "Maid in the USA"
  14. "The Lollypop Gang Strikes Back"
  15. "The Sufi Project"
  16. "Father's Day"
  17. "Altaira"
  18. "May I Take Your Order Please?"

The episode lists would have been a pain to put together without epguides or Wikipedia.