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UC: Undercover

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2001 - 2002 (1 season, 13 episodes)

UC: Undercover is a 2001 spy fiction television series which ran for one year.

  1. Life on the Wire
  2. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
  3. Of Fathers and Sons
  4. Once Upon a Time…in the Hood a.k.a. Amerikaz Most Wanted a.k.a. This Thug's Life
  5. Honor Among Thieves
  6. Nobody Rides for Free a.k.a. Blowback
  7. City on Fire a.k.a. Crash
  8. The Siege a.k.a. Prison Riot
  9. Zero Option
  10. Hunting Armando
  11. Teddy C
  12. Manhunt
  13. The Sins of Sonny Walker

The episode lists would have been a pain to put together without epguides or Wikipedia.