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The Green Hornet

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1966 - 1967 (1 season, 26 episodes)

The Green Hornet is a 1966 superhero fiction television series based on the radio show by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker which ran for one year. It crossed with Batman "A Piece of the Action" and Batman "Batman's Satisfaction".

  1. The Silent Gun
  2. Give 'Em Enough Rope
  3. Programmed for Death
  4. Crime Wave
  5. The Frog Is a Deadly Weapon
  6. Eat, Drink, and Be Dead
  7. Beautiful Dreamer, Part 1
  8. Beautiful Dreamer, Part 2
  9. The Ray Is for Killing
  10. The Preying Mantis
  11. The Hunters and the Hunted
  12. Deadline for Death
  13. The Secret of the Sally Bell
  14. Freeway to Death
  15. May the Best Man Lose
  16. Seek, Stalk, and Destroy
  17. Corpse of the Year, Part 1
  18. Corpse of the Year, Part 2
  19. Bad Bet on a 459-Silent
  20. Ace in the Hole
  21. Trouble for Prince Charming
  22. Alias the Scarf
  23. Hornet, Save Thyself
  24. Invasion from Outer Space, Part 1
  25. Invasion from Outer Space, Part 2
  26. The Hornet and the Firefly

The episode lists would have been a pain to put together without epguides or Wikipedia.