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Star Blazers

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1979 (3 seasons, 77 episodes)

Star Blazers is a 1979 animated and science fiction television series.

Season one

(26 episodes)

  1. Battle at Pluto
  2. Carrier Attacks the Sleeping Yamato
  3. Ultra-Menace Missile
  4. Test Warp to Mars
  5. Jupiter's Floating Continent
  6. Paladin
  7. The Reflex Gun, Part 1
  8. The Reflex Gun, Part 2
  9. The Asteroid Ring
  10. We Will Return!
  11. Desslok Mines
  12. The Sea of Fire
  13. The Gamilon Pilot
  14. Octopus Star Storm
  15. Galactic Whirlpool
  16. Stop at Beeland
  17. Balanosaurus
  18. Magnetron Wave
  19. Communication Satellite
  20. The Artificial Sun
  21. Challenge of the Rainbow Galaxy
  22. The Battle of the Rainbow Galaxy
  23. Dragged to Gamilon
  24. The Battle of Gamilon
  25. Iscandar
  26. The Journey Home

Season two

(26 episodes)

  1. Ambush at Jupiter
  2. Blackout
  3. Underground City
  4. Battle Satellite
  5. Crossing the Andromeda
  6. At Planet Brumus
  7. Sub-space Submarines
  8. Time Trap
  9. Mazor
  10. Asteroid Ring Defense Revisited
  11. Starflies
  12. The Tunnel Satellite
  13. The Conspirators Meet
  14. Second Day at Telezart
  15. Third Day at Telezart
  16. Leaving Telezart
  17. A Show of Force
  18. Desslok's Escape
  19. Memorial
  20. The Carrier Fleet Battle
  21. The Main Fleet Battle
  22. Stopover at Ganymede
  23. Desslok's Victory
  24. Desslok's Turning
  25. The Final Battle
  26. Argo, Make Us Proud!

Season three

(25 episodes)

  1. The Solar System Faces Destruction
  2. The Great Battle in the Milky Way
  3. Star Force Embarks at Dawn
  4. Shoot for Planet Mars
  5. S O S Legendra
  6. Great Battle Near Planet Brumas
  7. The Rough Seas of Alpha Centauri
  8. The Last Pioneer
  9. Battle at Barnard's Star
  10. Dagon's New Fleet Counterattacks
  11. Star Force Faces Danger at Cygnus
  12. Stellar Prison Camp
  13. Dreadful Bolar Federation
  14. Subspace Submarine Captain: Galman Wolf
  15. Star Force Becomes a Prisoner
  16. Festive Day for Desslok
  17. Desslok's Empire in the Moment of Crisis
  18. The Angry Sun
  19. On the Way to Planet Phantom
  20. Planet Phantom
  21. Lost Hope
  22. Farewell Planet Phantom
  23. Battle at the Scalageck Star Cluster
  24. The Secret of Planet Guardiana
  25. Star Force, Shoot that Sun!

The episode lists would have been a pain to put together without epguides or Wikipedia.