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Space: Above and Beyond

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1995 - 1996 (1 season, 24 episodes)

Space: Above and Beyond is a 1995 science fiction television series which ran for one year.

  1. Pilot, Part 1
  2. Pilot, Part 2
  3. "The Farthest Man from Home"
  4. "The Dark Side of the Sun"
  5. "Mutiny"
  6. "Ray Butts"
  7. "Eyes"
  8. "The Enemy"
  9. "Hostile Visit"
  10. "Choice or Chance"
  11. "Stay with the Dead"
  12. "The River of Stars"
  13. "Who Monitors the Birds?"
  14. "Level of Necessity"
  15. "Never No More"
  16. "The Angriest Angel"
  17. "Toy Soldiers"
  18. "Dear Earth"
  19. "Pearly"
  20. "R & R"
  21. "Stardust"
  22. "Sugar Dirt"
  23. "And If They Lay Us Down to Rest..."
  24. "...Tell Our Moms We Done Our Best"

The episode lists would have been a pain to put together without epguides or Wikipedia.