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Pushing Daisies

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2007 - 2009 (2 seasons, 22 episodes)

Pushing Daisies is a 2007 monster and romantic comedy television series with mutants which ran for two years.

Season one

(9 episodes)

  1. Pie-lette
  2. Dummy
  3. The Fun in Funeral
  4. Pigeon
  5. Girth
  6. Bitches
  7. Smell of Success
  8. Bitter Sweets
  9. Corpsicle

Season two

(13 episodes)

  1. Bzzzzzzzzz! crossed with Dead Like Me.
  2. Circus Circus
  3. Bad Habits
  4. Frescorts
  5. Dim Sum Lose Some
  6. Oh Oh Oh...It's Magic
  7. Robbing Hood
  8. Comfort Food crossed with Wonderfalls "Muffin Buffalo".
  9. The Legend of Merle McQuoddy
  10. The Norwegians
  11. Window Dressed to Kill
  12. Water and Power
  13. Kerplunk

The episode lists would have been a pain to put together without epguides or Wikipedia.