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New Groove


2000 - 2008 (2 films, 1 television series, 2 seasons, 52 episodes)

The Emperor's New Groove

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The Emperor's New Groove is a 2000 animated film.

Kronk's New Groove

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Kronk's New Groove is a 2005 animated film.

The Emperor's New School

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2006 - 2008 (2 seasons, 52 episodes)

The Emperor's New School is a 2006 animated television series which ran for two years.

Season one

(21 episodes)

  1. Rabbit Face
  2. Squeakend At Bucky's/Kuzco Fever
  3. Empress Malina/Adventures of Red-Eyed Tree Frog Man
  4. Hungry Hungry Llama/Only the Wrong Survive
  5. Cart Wash/Battle of the Bots
  6. Girls Behaving Oddly
  7. The Lost Kids/The Big Fight
  8. Kuzclone
  9. Unfit to Print/The Emperor's New Pet
  10. Peasant For A Day
  11. Fortune Cookie Day/Gold Fool's
  12. The Mystery of Micchu Pachu
  13. Chipmunky Business/Oops, All Doodles
  14. Clash of the Families
  15. The New Kid/Officer Kronk
  16. Kronk Moves In
  17. Kuzcogarten/Evil and Eviler
  18. The Bride of Kuzco
  19. U.F.kuzcO./Attack Sub
  20. The Yzma that Stole Kuzcoween/Monster Masquerade
  21. Yzmopolis

Season two

(31 episodes)

  1. The Emperor's New Tuber/Room for Improvement
  2. Cool Summer/Prisoner of Kuzcoban
  3. Ramon's A Crowd/Guakumentary
  4. Demon Llama!/Show Me the Monkey
  5. Picture This!/TV or Not TV
  6. Kuz-Cop/How Now Sea Cow?
  7. A Fair to Remember/Working Girl
  8. Curse of the Moon Beast/Aww, Nuts!
  9. Emperor's New School Spirit/Card Wars
  10. The Emperor's New Home School/Mudka's Secret Recipe
  11. Emperor's New Musical
  12. A Giftmas Story
  13. Vincent Van Guaka/No Man Is An Island
  14. Air Kuzco/Kronkenitza
  15. Come Fly With Me/Project Poncho
  16. Citizen Kronk/The Pajama Llama Dilemma
  17. Yzma Be Gone/Last Ditch Effort
  18. The Good, the Bad and the Kronk/Mud
  19. Auction Action/The Astonishing Kuzco-Man
  20. Guaka Rules
  21. Malina's Big Break/Hotel Kuzco
  22. Father O' Mine/Everyone Loves Kuzco
  23. Puff Piece/Take My Advice
  24. Yzbot/The Puma Whisper
  25. Kronk the Magnificent/Kamp Kuzco
  26. Groove Remover/Overacheiver's Club
  27. The Emperor's New Show/Too Many Malinas
  28. Faking the Grade/Eco Kuzco
  29. Kuzco's Little Secret/Kuzco Kazooza
  30. Cornivale
  31. Graduation Groove