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Mega Disasters

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2006 (3 seasons, 31 episodes)

Mega Disasters is a 2006 non-fiction television series about disasters.

Season one

(13 episodes)

  1. West Coast Tsunami
  2. Tornado Alley Twister
  3. New York Hurricane
  4. American Volcano
  5. Asteroid Apocalypse
  6. Earthquake in the Heartland
  7. Yellowstone Eruption
  8. Windy City Tornado
  9. East Coast Tsunami
  10. San Francisco Earthquake
  11. Mega Blast
  12. Mega Freeze
  13. California's Katrina

Season two

(11 episodes)

  1. Comet Catastrophe
  2. Gamma Ray Burst
  3. Krakatoa's Revenge
  4. Glacier Meltdown
  5. Hawaii Apocalypse
  6. Methane Explosion
  7. Alien Infection
  8. New York Earthquake
  9. Mega Drought
  10. L.A.'s Killer Quake
  11. The Next Pompeii?

Season three

(7 episodes)

  1. Comet Storm
  2. Airborne Attack
  3. Atlantis Apocalypse
  4. Volcanic Winter
  5. Oil Apocalypse
  6. Dam Break
  7. Hypercane

The episode lists would have been a pain to put together without epguides or Wikipedia.