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Lipstick Jungle

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2008 - 2009 (2 seasons, 20 episodes)

Lipstick Jungle is a 2008 drama television series based on the novel by Candace Bushnell which ran for one year.

Season one

(7 episodes)

  1. Pilot
  2. Chapter Two: Nothing Sacred
  3. Chapter Three: Pink Poison
  4. Chapter Four: Bombay Highway
  5. Chapter Five: Dressed to Kill
  6. Chapter Six: Take the High Road
  7. Chapter Seven: Carpe Threesome

Season two

(13 episodes)

  1. Chapter Eight: Pandora's Box
  2. Chapter Nine: Help!
  3. Chapter Ten: Let It Be
  4. Chapter Eleven: The F-Word
  5. Chapter Twelve: Scary, Scary Night!
  6. Chapter Thirteen: The Lyin', the Bitch and the Wardrobe
  7. Chapter Fourteen: Let the Games Begin
  8. Chapter Fifteen: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Prada
  9. Chapter Sixteen: Thanksgiving
  10. Chapter Seventeen: Bye, Bye Baby
  11. Chapter Eighteen: Indecent Exposure
  12. Chapter Nineteen: Lovers' Leaps
  13. Chapter Twenty: La Vie en Pose

The episode lists would have been a pain to put together without epguides or Wikipedia.