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In Plain Sight

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2008 - 2012 (5 seasons, 61 episodes)

In Plain Sight is a 2008 police procedural television series which ran for four years. It crossed with Law & Order: Criminal Intent "Contract".

Season one

(12 episodes)

  1. "In Plain Sight"
  2. "Hoosier Daddy"
  3. "Never the Bride"
  4. "Trojan Horst"
  5. "Who Shot Jay Arnstein?"
  6. "High Priced Spread"
  7. "Iris Doesn't Live Here Anymore"
  8. "Don of the Dead"
  9. "Good Cop Bad Cop"
  10. "To Serge with Love"
  11. "Stan By Me"
  12. "A Fine Meth"

Season two

(15 episodes)

  1. "Gilted Lily"
  2. "In My Humboldt Opinion"
  3. "A Stand-Up Triple"
  4. "Rubble with a Cause"
  5. "Aguna Matatala"
  6. "One Night Stan"
  7. "Duplicate Bridge"
  8. "A Frond in Need"
  9. "Who's Bugging Mary?"
  10. "Miles To Go"
  11. "Jailbait"
  12. "Training Video"
  13. "Let's Get It Ahn"
  14. "Once A Ponzi Time"
  15. "Don't Cry For Me Albuquerque"

Season three

(13 episodes)

  1. "Father Goes West"
  2. "When Mary Met Marshall"
  3. "Coma Chameleon"
  4. "Whistle Stop"
  5. "Fish or Cut Betta"
  6. "No Clemency For Old Men"
  7. "Love's Faber Lost"
  8. "Son Of Mann"
  9. "Death Becomes Her"
  10. "Her Days Are Numbered"
  11. "The Born Identity"
  12. "Witsec Stepmother"
  13. "A Priest Walks Into A Bar"

Season four

(13 episodes)

  1. "The Art of the Steal"
  2. "Crazy Like a Witness"
  3. "Love in the Time of Colorado"
  4. "Meet the Shannons"
  5. "Second Crime Around"
  6. "Something A-Mish"
  7. "I'm A Liver Not A Fighter"
  8. "Kumar VS. Kumar"
  9. "The Rolling Stones"
  10. "Girls, Interrupted"
  11. "Provo-Cation"
  12. "A Womb With A View"
  13. "Something Borrowed, Something Blew Up"

Season five

(8 episodes)

  1. "The Anti-Social Network"
  2. "Four Marshalls and a Baby"
  3. "Reservations, I've Got a Few"
  4. "The Merry Wives of WITSEC"
  5. "Drag Me to Hell"
  6. "The Medal of Mary"
  7. "Sacrificial Lam"
  8. "All's Well That Ends"

The episode lists would have been a pain to put together without epguides or Wikipedia.