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Hart to Hart


1979 - 1996 (8 films, 1 television series, 5 seasons, 111 episodes)

Hart to Hart

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1979 - 1984 (5 seasons, 111 episodes)

Hart to Hart is a 1979 detective television series which ran for five years. It crossed with Moonlighting.

Season one

(23 episodes)

  1. "Hart to Hart: The Pilot"
  2. "Hit Jennifer Hart"
  3. "Passport to Murder"
  4. "Jonathan Hart Jr."
  5. "Death in the Slow Lane"
  6. "You Made Me Kill You"
  7. "Murder Between Friends"
  8. "Cop Out"
  9. "Max in Love"
  10. "A New Kind of High"
  11. "With This Gun I Thee Wed"
  12. "The Man with the Jade Eyes"
  13. "Color Jennifer Dead"
  14. "A Question of Innocence"
  15. "Night Horrors"
  16. "Which Way, Freeway?"
  17. "Downhill to Death"
  18. "The Raid"
  19. "Sixth Sense"
  20. "Does She, or Doesn't She?"
  21. "Cruise at Your Own Risk"
  22. "Too Many Cooks Are Murder"
  23. "Death Set"

Season two

(20 episodes)

  1. "Murder, Murder On The Wall"
  2. "What Murder?"
  3. "This Lady is Murder"
  4. "Murder is Man's Best Friend"
  5. "'Tis the Season To Be Murdered"
  6. "Murder Wrap"
  7. "Murder In Paradise"
  8. "Ex-Wives Can Be Murder"
  9. "Murder is a Drag"
  10. "Hart-Shaped Murder"
  11. "Slow Boat to Murder"
  12. "Murder in the Saddle"
  13. "Homemade Murder"
  14. "Solid Gold Murder"
  15. "Getting Aweigh with Murder"
  16. "The Murder of Jonathan Hart"
  17. "The Latest In High Fashion Murder"
  18. "Operation Murder"
  19. "Murder Takes A Bow"
  20. "Blue Chip Murder"

Season three

(24 episodes)

  1. "Harts and Flowers"
  2. "A Couple Of Harts"
  3. "Hartland Express"
  4. "What Becomes a Murder Most?"
  5. "Murder Up Their Sleeve"
  6. "Harts Under Glass"
  7. "Rhinestone Harts"
  8. "Hart of Darkness"
  9. "Hartbreak Kid"
  10. "From the Depths of My Hart"
  11. "Hartless Hobby"
  12. "My Hart Belongs To Daddy"
  13. "Hart of Diamonds"
  14. "Harts and Palms"
  15. "The Hart of the Matter"
  16. "Blue and Broken-Harted"
  17. "Harts On Their Toes"
  18. "Deep in the Hart of Dixieland"
  19. "Vintage Harts"
  20. "Hart, Line And Sinker"
  21. "Hart and Sole"
  22. "The Harts Strike Out"
  23. "To Coin a Hart"
  24. "Harts and Fraud"

Season four

(22 episodes)

  1. "On a Bed of Harts"
  2. "With This Hart, I Thee Wed"
  3. "Million Dollar Harts"
  4. "Harts On Campus"
  5. "Harts at High Noon"
  6. "Harts' Desire"
  7. "Rich and Hartless"
  8. "In the Hart of the Night"
  9. "One Hart Too Many"
  10. "A Christmas Hart"
  11. "Hunted Harts"
  12. "Emily By Hart"
  13. "Pounding Harts"
  14. "Chamber of Lost Harts"
  15. "Harts on the Scent"
  16. "Bahama Bound Harts"
  17. "As the Hart Turns"
  18. "The Wayward Hart"
  19. "A Change of Hart"
  20. "Hartstruck"
  21. "Too Close to Hart"
  22. "A Lighter Hart"

Season five

(22 episodes)

  1. "Two Harts Are Better Than One"
  2. "Straight Through the Hart"
  3. "Hostage Hearts"
  4. "Pandora Has Wings"
  5. "Harts and Hounds"
  6. "Love Game"
  7. "Passing Chance"
  8. "Long Lost Love"
  9. "Highland Fling"
  10. "Year of the Dog"
  11. "Trust Your Hart"
  12. "Harts On the Run"
  13. "Whispers in the Wings"
  14. "Max's Waltz"
  15. "The Dog Who Knew Too Much"
  16. "Silent Dance"
  17. "Death Dig"
  18. "The Shooting"
  19. "Slam Dunk"
  20. "Larsen's Last Jump"
  21. "Always, Elizabeth"
  22. "Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch"

Hart to Hart Returns

(Google, allmovie, IMDb)

Hart to Hart Returns is a 1993 detective film.

Home is Where the Hart Is

(Google, allmovie, IMDb)

Home is Where the Hart Is is a 1994 detective film.

Crimes of the Hart

(Google, allmovie, IMDb)

Crimes of the Hart is a 1994 detective film.

Old Friends Never Die

(Google, allmovie, IMDb, Flixster)

Old Friends Never Die is a 1994 detective film.

Secrets of the Hart

(Google, allmovie, IMDb)

Secrets of the Hart is a 1995 detective film.

Two Harts in 3/4 Time

(Google, allmovie, IMDb, Flixster)

Two Harts in 3/4 Time is a 1995 detective film.

Harts in High Season

(Google, allmovie, IMDb, Flixster)

Harts in High Season is a 1996 detective film.

Till Death Do Us Hart

(Google, allmovie, IMDb, Flixster)

Till Death Do Us Hart is a 1996 detective film.