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Dangerous Minds


1995 - 1997 (1 film, 1 television series, 1 season, 17 episodes)

Dangerous Minds

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Dangerous Minds is a 1995 docudrama film with teacher.

Dangerous Minds

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1996 - 1997 (1 season, 17 episodes)

Dangerous Minds is a 1996 docudrama television series with teacher which ran for one year.

  1. Pilot
  2. Hair Affair
  3. See Me
  4. Bad Apple
  5. Family Ties
  6. The Code
  7. Need Deep
  8. Jumped
  9. Evolution
  10. Trust Me
  11. Moonstruck
  12. To'e Me Up, To'e Me Down
  13. The Feminine Mystique
  14. Everybody Wants It
  15. Three Guns
  16. A Different Light
  17. Teach, Don't Touch