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Bates Motel

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2013 - 2017 (3 seasons, 30 episodes)

Bates Motel is a 2013 horror television series which is still running.

Season one

(10 episodes)

  1. "First You Dream, Then You Die"
  2. "Nice Town You Picked, Norma..."
  3. "What's Wrong With Norman"
  4. "Trust Me"
  5. "Ocean View"
  6. "The Truth"
  7. "The Man in Number 9"
  8. "A Boy and His Dog"
  9. "Underwater"
  10. "Midnight"

Season two

(10 episodes)

  1. "Gone But Not Forgotten"
  2. "Shadow of a Doubt"
  3. "Caleb"
  4. "Check-Out"
  5. "The Escape Artist"
  6. "Plunge"
  7. "Presumed Innocent"
  8. "Meltdown"
  9. "The Box"
  10. "The Immutable Truth"

Season three

(10 episodes)

  1. "A Death in the Family"
  2. "The Arcanum Club"
  3. "Persuasion"
  4. "Unbreak-Able"
  5. "The Deal"
  6. "Norma Louise"
  7. "The Last Supper"
  8. "The Pit"
  9. "Crazy"
  10. "Unconscious"

The episode lists would have been a pain to put together without epguides.