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2003 - 2004 (2 seasons, 22 episodes)

Alienated is a 2003 science fiction and situation comedy television series which ran for one year.

Season one

(11 episodes)

  1. "Meatloaf Lunch"
  2. "Officially Crazy"
  3. "Pass the Saltpeter"
  4. "Something has to be Something"
  5. "Good Advice"
  6. "It's Hard to Keep a Good Man Down"
  7. "Nine One One"
  8. "The Wet Spot"
  9. "Foiled Again"
  10. "Separation Anxiety"
  11. "Unfit Parents"

Season two

(11 episodes)

  1. "Paul's Motor Inn"
  2. "Sexual People"
  3. "The Weekly Inquisitor"
  4. "Binge"
  5. "Human Gas"
  6. "Coming Out"
  7. "The Arrival"
  8. "Alien Man"
  9. "Caught"
  10. "Where's the Vagina?"
  11. "Everything's Fine"

The episode lists would have been a pain to put together without epguides or Wikipedia.