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Westphall crossovers

These crossovers are part of the Tommy Westphall Universe. Westphall does not include film crossovers, but I included them for completeness in some cases.

So far I connected Thomas Holbrook's groups 2, 4, 10, 12, 14, 15, 18, 24, 27, 29, 30, 32, 33, 34, 38, and 39.

Click the image for a better view. The series are placed closest to their strongest link.

Lucy Makes Room for Daddy

from CBS, ABC, NBC, and Showtime

After I Love Lucy was renamed to The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, Susie McNamera from Private Secretary appeared on the first episode Lucy Takes a Cruise to Havana.

Danny Williams from The Danny Thomas Show and the rest of the Williams family appeared on The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour Lucy Makes Room for Danny. Lucy and Ricky Ricardo appeared on The Danny Thomas Show Lucy Upsets the Williams Household.

No crossover occurred when George Reeves from The Adventures of Superman appeared on I Love Lucy Lucy and Superman as himself. He stayed in character for the children in the audience. (people not considered and I'm not home!)

Make Room for Daddy was renamed to The Danny Thomas Show, and it spun off Make Room For Granddaddy.

Lucy Carter from Here's Lucy appeared on Make Room for Granddaddy "Lucy and the Lecher". (Lucy's Diagnosis)

Danny Williams from Make Room for Daddy appeared on The Joey Bishop Show This Is Your Life.

José Jiménez appeared on eight episodes of Make Room for Daddy before spinning off to his own series The Bill Dana Show. (Holy defenestration, Batman!)

Andy Taylor appeared on Make Room for Daddy Danny Meets Andy Griffith which lead to the creation of The Andy Griffith Show. The Andy Griffith Show had three spin-offs: Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. (I'm not home!), Mayberry R.F.D., and The New Andy Griffith Show.

Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith Show appeared on on The Joey Bishop Show Joey's Hideaway Cabin. Howard Sprague from The Andy Griffith Show appeared on It's Garry Shandling's Show The Day Howard Moved In.

Maurice Sorrell from The Dick Van Dyke Show appeared on The Danny Thomas Show The Woman Behind the Jokes. Alan Brady from The Dick Van Dyke Show appeared on Mad About You The Alan Brady Show. (Mad About Friends, Cheers!) Sally Rogers and Maurice Sorrell from The Dick Van Dyke Show appeared on Herman's Head When Hairy Met Hermy. (I'm not home!)

Lucy's Diagnosis

from NBC, CBS, and ABC

Ralph Kramden from The Honeymooners appeared on Here's Lucy Lucy Visits Jack Benny. (I'm not home!) The Jackie Gleason Show turned The Honeymooners sketches into The Honeymooners which returned to The Jackie Gleason Show after being canceled.

Mary Jane Lewis from The Lucy Show appeared on Here's Lucy "A Date for Lucy" and recurs thereafter.

Joe Mannix from Mannix appeared on Here's Lucy Lucy and Mannix Are Held Hostage and on Diagnosis Murder Hard-Boiled Murder.

Bob Collins from The Bob Cummings Show appeared on Here's Lucy Lucy's Punctured Romance and on The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show A Marital Mix-Up. The Bob Cummings Show spun off The New Bob Cummings Show and aired in syndication as Love That Bob.

Cinnamon Carter from Mission: Impossible appeared on Diagnosis Murder Discards. Mission: Impossible spun off Mission: Impossible (1988).

Ben Matlock from Matlock appeared on the two-part Diagnosis Murder Murder Two. Promised Land Total Security concludes on Diagnosis Murder Promises to Keep.

Diagnosis Murder is a spin off of Jake and the Fatman. Promised Land is a spin off of Touched By an Angel.

Etruscan horse Morley cigarettes, originating on Psycho, appeared on Naked City Tombstone for a Derelict, Mission: Impossible Operation 'Heart', Mannix All Around the Money Tree, Seinfeld The Invitations, and Friends The One Where Rachel Smokes. They are not the same as red box Morley brand. (Mad About Friends, Cheers!)

Diagnosis Murder used stock footage of Oceanic Airlines from the film Executive Decision not the logo from Lost. Crossovers with JAG and War at Home have been severed because they used the same stock footage.

Mad About Friends, Cheers!

from NBC and ABC

Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld appeared on Mad About You The Apartment.

On Mad About You Pandora's Box, Jamie Buchman causes a blackout which was shared on Madman of the People Birthday in the Big House and Friends The One with the Blackout.

Jamie Buchman, Fran Devanow, and Urusla Buffay from Mad About You appeared on Friends The One with Two Parts: Part 1. Mad About You and Friends characters Ursula and Phoebe Buffay are twin sisters.

Phoebe Buffay from Friends appeared on Hope and Gloria A New York Story when Hope and Gloria stopped by the Central Perk coffee shop.

Ross Geller from Friends appeared on The Single Guy Neighbors. On the same night, Chandler Bing from Friends and Jonathan Eliot from The Single Guy appeared on Caroline in the City Caroline and the Folks.

Friends spun off Joey.

Daphne Moon and Niles Crane from Frasier appeared on Caroline in the City Caroline and the Bad Back. Daphne reads Caroline in the City comic strip.

Cheers spun off The Tortellis and Frasier.

Norm Peterson and Cliff Clavin from Cheers appeared on Wings The Story of Joe. Frasier and Lilith Sternin-Crane, also from Cheers, appeared on Wings Planes, Trains and Visiting Cranes.

John Hemingway from The John Larroquette Show More Changes called Dr. Frasier Crane's radio show on Frasier. The John Larroquette Show's Yoydyne connection with Star Trek and Angel has been severed, though both appear later with other crossovers. (Weyland-Yutani)

Carla Tortelli, Norm Peterson, and Cliff Clavin from Cheers appeared on St. Elsewhere Cheers. (St. Elsewhere: Tommy's head)

Melville's restaurant above Cheers was mentioned on Boston Legal Desperately Seeking Shirley, a spin off of The Practice. (The Practice)

The Practice

from ABC, NBC, and FOX

Judge Isabel Hernandez from Miss Match appeared on Boston Legal Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Head Cases.

Doctor Ben Gideon from Gideon's Crossing appeared on The Practice Gideon's Crossover.

Ellenor Frutt from The Practice appeared on Gideon's Crossing Flashpoint.

Kevin Riley from Boston Public appeared on The Practice The Day After. Ellenor Frutt and Jimmy Berluti from The Practice appeared on Boston Public Chapter Thirteen.

Several characters of The Practice appeared on Ally McBeal The Inmates, which ended on The Practice Axe Murderer. Bobby Donnell from The Practice also appeared on Ally McBeal These Are the Days. Ally McBeal was renamed Ally.

St. Elsewhere: Tommy's head

from NBC, CBS, HBO, and UPN

Elliot Carlin from The Bob Newhart Show appeared on St. Elsewhere Close Encounters. (The Bob Newhart Show)

Warren Coolidge from The White Shadow appeared on over twenty episodes of St. Elsewhere. He also appeared on Method & Red Da Shootout.

Dr. Mark Craig from St. Elsewehere received the Cushing Left Anterior Descending Artery Award as did Dr. Kathryn Austin on Chicago Hope. (Chicago Hope)

Dr. B. J. Hunnicut from M*A*S*H was mentioned by Dr. Mark Craig on St. Elsewhere Santa Claus Is Dead. M*A*S*H has three spin-offs AfterMASH, W*A*L*T*E*R, and The Fighting Nightingales. Trapper John, M.D. is a spin off of MASH, the film, not the television series.

Dr. Elliot Axelrod from St. Elsewhere is a cousin of Kenny Axelrod from Tattingers. Tattingers was renamed to Nick & Hillary.

Dr. Roxanne Turner from St. Elsewhere appeared on Homicide: Life on the Street "Mercy." (Homicide and John Munch.)

St. Elsewhere has two connections to Oz, the fictional Weigert Medical Corporation and the character R.N. Carol Grace. Oz is connected to Homicide: Life On The Street and The Beat through the fictional children's television program, Miss Sally's Schoolyard.

In the finale of St. Elsewhere, it was revealed the entire series happened in the head of Tommy Westphall, an autistic child. You can choose to ignore the final scene of St. Elsewhere or not.

The Bob Newhart Show

from CBS and NBC

Jerry Robinson from The Bob Newhart Show appeared on Bob Better To Have Loved And Flossed.

Carol Bondurant from The Bob Newhart Show appeared on Murphy Brown Anything But Cured. (Murphy Brown)

Elliot Carlin from The Bob Newhart Show appeared on Newhart I Married Dick where he met Dick Louden.

Larry, Darryl, and Darryl from Newhart appeared on Coach Leaving Orlando parts two and three. (Coach)

The last scene of Newhart revealed Dr. Robert Hartley from The Bob Newhart Show dreamt Newhart. During a discussion about the dream with Howard Borden on The Bob Newhart Show 19th Anniversary, Howard mentioned he dreamt he was Roger Healey from I Dream Of Jeannie.

The Bob Newhart Show came into the above cosmologies through St. Elsewhere, which is supposedly all in the head of Tommy Westphall. So the following could be considered a dream within a fantasy.

Murphy Brown

from CBS

Al Floss from The Famous Teddy Z appeared on Murphy Brown And the Whiner Is.

Murphy Brown from Muphy Brown appeared on Ink Murphy's Law. The cast of Murphy Brown were seen on television in Love & War. Jack Stein from Love & War appeared on three episodes of Ink. Meg Tynan from Love & War appeared on Double Rush Comings and Goings.

Liz Taylor's lost black pearls led to a crossover between The Nanny Where's the Pearls?, Can't Hurry Love The Elizabeth Taylor Episode, Murphy Brown Trick or Retreat, and High Society The Family Jewels.

Jim Dial of Murphy Brown appeared on television in The Nanny The Tart with Heart. Sylvia Fine from The Nanny appeared on The Simple Life The Other Mother.

Ray Barone of Everybody Loves Raymond appeared on The Nanny The Reunion Show. Everybody Loves Raymond and The King Of Queens had several crossovers.

Doug Heffernan from The King Of Queens and Hilton Lucas from Cosby appeared on Becker Drive, They Said. Doug Heffernan also appeared on Cosby Judgment Day.

Isaac Washington from The Love Boat appeared on King of Queens Taste Buds. (The Love Boat)


from ABC and ITV

Grace Under Fire Vegas, Coach Viva Las Ratings, The Drew Carey Show Drew Gets Married, and Ellen Secrets & Ellen had characters in Las Vegas on the same night with the following crossover characters.

Ellen was originally These Friends Of Mine.

Mr. Roper from Three's Company appeared on Ellen Roommates. Three's Company spun off The Ropers and Three's A Crowd. Three's Company is a non-contiguous spin-off of Man About the House which has two spin-offs, George and Mildred and Robin's Nest.

The Drew Carey Show

from ABC, NBC, CBS, TNT, and UPN

Detective James Martinez from NYPD Blue appeared on The Drew Carey Show New York and Queens. Buck Naked from Hill Street Blues, which had one spin-off Beverly Hills Buntz, appeared on several episodes of NYPD Blue. Lt. Howard Hunter from Hill Street Blues appeared on Cop Rock Cop-a-Felliac; Victor Sifuentes and Abby Perkins from L.A. Law appeared on Cop Rock Potts Don't Fail Me Now. Eli Levinson and Denise Ianello from Civil Wars were also on L.A. Law. John Irvin from NYPD Blue appeared on Public Morals.

The Drew Carey Show Up on the Roof has Drew Carey watching Tool Time from Home Improvement.

Home Improvement spun off Buddies. Brad Taylor from Home Improvement appeared on Thunder Alley First Date. Several characters from Home Improvement appeared on Soul Man: Tim Taylor on Communion Wine and Convicts, Al Borland on Cinderella and the Funeral, and Brad Taylor on Public Embarrassment and Todd's First Sermon. Revered Mike Weber from Soul Man appeared on Home Improvement Losing My Religion.

Mimi Bobeck Carey from The Drew Carey Show appeared on Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place, retitled to Two Guys and a Girl, Two Guys, a Girl and a Psycho Halloween; The Norm Show, retitled to Norm, Norm vs. Schoolin'; and The Hughleys Young Guns (Sabrina and Steve).

Drew Carey appeared on The Geena Davis Show Momma Bear.

Sabrina and Steve

from ABC, UPN/CW, BET, NBC and CBS

Darryl Hughley from The Hughleys appeared on The Parkers Who's Your Mama?. The Parkers is a spin-off of Moesha. Maya Wilkes from Girlfriends appeared on Moesha That's My Mama. Girlfriends spun off The Game. Hakeem Campbell and Niecy Jackson from Moesha appeared on Clueless Prom Misses, Prom Misses.

Sabrina Spellman from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch appeared on Clueless Mr. Wright, Boy Meets World The Witches of Pennbrook and No Guts, No Cory, Teen Angel One Dog Night, and You Wish Genie Without a Cause.

Dana Foster from Step by Step met Cory on Boy Meets World The Happiest Show On Earth. Boy Meets World spun off Girl Meets World. (Disney Channel Live-Action Universe)

Steve Urkel from Family Matters, a spin-off of Perfect Strangers, appeared on Step by Step The Dance and A Star Is Born; Full House Ol' Brown Eyes and Stephanie Gets Framed; and Meego Love and Money and The Truth About Cars and Dogs.

Meego Mommy 'n' Meego crossed with Gilligan's Island which had three spin off films.

Michelle Tanner of Full House appeared on Hangin' With Mr. Cooper Hangin' with Michelle. Perfect Strangers mentioned Cunningham Hardware in Milwalkee, WI from Happy Days.

Happy Days spun offs Laverne & Shirley, Blansky's Beauties, Mork & Mindy, Out of the Blue, and Joanie Loves Chachi. Happy Days spun-off from an episode of the anthology series Love, American Style. Love, American Style had one spin-off The New Love, American Style.

Disney Channel Live-Action Universe

This universe is not officially part of Westphall yet.

Good Morning, Miss Bliss was sold to NBC and retitled to Saved by the Bell. Saved by the Bell spun-off Saved by the Bell: The New Class and Saved by the Bell: The College Years. Years later, That's So Raven was set in the same high school.

Zack and Cody Martin and Marion Moseby from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody appeared on That's So Raven Checkin' Out. Raven Baxter from That's So Raven and Hannah Montana from Hannah Montana appeared on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana.

President Richard Martinez from Cory in the House appeared on Hannah Montana Take This Job and Love It.

Zack and Cody Martin, London Tipton, Bailey Pickett, and Marion Moseby from The Suite Life on Deck appeared on Wizards of Waverly Place Cast-Away (to Another Show) and Hannah Montana Super(stitious) Girl. Hannah Montana and Lola Luftnagle from Hannah Montana appeared on The Suite Life on Deck Double-Crossed.

Zack and Cody Martin and Marion Moseby from The Suite Life on Deck appeared on I'm in the Band Weasels on Deck.

Austin Moon, Ally Dawson, Trish de la Rosa, and Dez Wade from Austin & Ally appeared on Jessie Nanny in Miami.

Jessie Prescott and the Rosses from Jessie appeared on Austin & Ally Big Dreams & Big Apples. Jessie also appeared on Good Luck Charlie Good Luck Jessie: NYC Christmas.

Joey and Parker Rooney from Liv and Maddie appeared on Jessie Jessie's Aloha Holidays with Parker and Joey.

Marion Moseby from The Suite Life on Deck appeared on Jessie Karate Kid-tastrophe.

That's So Raven spun off Cory in the House. The Suite Life of Zack & Cody spun off The Suite Life on Deck and The Suite Life Movie. Hannah Montana spun off Hannah Montana: The Movie. Wizards of Waverly Place spun off Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie and The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex.

For Disney Channel's Monstober 2015, seven series participated in the event.

Charlie's Angels Love Boats

This section and The Love Boat are not officially part of the Westphall universe yet.

Charlie's Angels spun off two films and a non-contiguous television series also named Charlie's Angels. Dan Tanna from Vega$ appeared on Charlie's Angels Angels in Vegas. The entire cast from The Love Boat appeared on Charlie's Angels Love Boat Angels.

The Love Boat

The Love Boat spun off a reunion film called The Love Boat: A Valentine Voyage and The Love Boat: The Next Wave.

On 22 November 1980 Love Boat Secretary to the Stars story continued on Fantasy Island The Love Doctor. Fantasy Island spun off Fantasy Island (1998).

Betty and Margaret Anderson from Father Knows Best; June, Wally, and Beaver Cleaver from Leave It to Beaver (Leave It to Beaver to cross over); and Mike and Carol Brady from The Brady Bunch (Hooterville) all appeared on the final episode of The Love Boat Who Killed Maxwell Thorn?.

Julie McCoy, Doctor Adam Bricker (Doc), Isaac Washington, and Vicki Stubing from The Love Boat appeared on Martin Goin' Overboard.

Leave It to Beaver to cross over

from CBS, ABC, Disney Channel, FOX, NBC, and The WB

Leave It to Beaver spun off Still the Beaver which was renamed The New Leave It to Beaver. (I'm not home!) Eddie Haskell from Leave it to Beaver appeared on Parker Lewis Can't Lose Father Knows Less. Andrew Keaton of Family Ties appeared on Parker Lewis Can't Lose Civil Wars. Bud Bundy of Married with Children appeared on Parker Lewis Can't Lose Musso & Frank.

Family Ties spun off The Art of Being Nick. Steven and Andrew Keaton of Family Ties appeared on Day by Day Trading Places. Alex P. Keaton of Family Ties was mentioned on Spin City. Spin City Internal Affairs ended with a segue into Sports Night. Paul Lassiter from Spin City appeared on Something So Right Something About the 'Men' in Menstruation.

Married with Children spun off Top of the Heap which was renamed Vinnie & Bobby. Marcy Rhoades D'Arcy from Married with Children appeared on Nikki Technical Knockup.


from CBS and ABC

The Beverly Hillbillies, Petticoat Junction, and Green Acres shared a large number of characters crossing over, most notably the character Sam Drucker who was a regular on Petticoat Junction and Green Acres. Granny Daisy Moses from The Beverly Hillbillies appeared on Mister Ed Love and the Single Horse. (I'm not home!) Colonel Hogan of Hogan's Heroes was mentioned in Green Acres Wings Over Hooterville. (Holy defenestration, Batman!)

The Beverly Hillbillies spun off The Return of the Beverly Hillbillies. Green Acres spun off Return to Green Acres.

Hank Thackery, a minor character from Petticoat Junction, may be the same Thackery on The Brady Bunch The Possible Dream. The Brady Bunch spun off The Brady Bunch Hour, The Brady Girls Get Married, The Brady Brides, A Very Brady Christmas, and The Bradys.

Chicago Hope

from CBS and NBC

Doctor Phillip Waters from Chicago Hope appeared on Picket Fences Rebels with Causes. Douglas Wambaugh from Picket Fences appeared on Chicago Hope Small Sacrifices.

Picket Fences Away In A Manger referenced Delta Glen and events of The X-Files Red Museum, which took place in Delta Glen. (The X-Files)

Doctor Jeffrey Geiger from Chicago Hope accepted a heart from a victim on Homicide: Life on the Street A Doll's Eyes. (Homicide and John Munch)

Doctors Phillip Waters, Keith Wilkes, and Diane Grad from Chicago Hope appeared on Early Edition Mum's the Word. Sammo Law from Martial Law appeared on Early Edition Play It Again, Sammo. Martial Law Honor Among Strangers continues in Walker, Texas Ranger The Day of Cleansing. Walker, Texas Ranger spun off Sons of Thunder.

Kelly Connell played Carter Pike on Picket Fences and C. Peck on Harry's Law Onward and Upward. Because Pike ≠ Peck, there was no crossover.

Homicide and John Munch

from NBC, FOX, CBS, TF1 (France), NTV (Russia), ITV (United Kingdom), UPN, HBO, USA Network, and Netflix

While the character Detective John Munch was on Homicide: Life on the Street there were three crossovers with Law & Order. Law & Order Charm City continued in Homicide: Life on the Street For God and Country. Law & Order was followed by Homicide: Life on the Street in the episodes Baby, It's You and Sideshow on both series. Detective John Munch transferred to Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Law & Order and its three spin-offs based in New York city use the fictional newspaper The New York Ledger from Deadline. Exiled is the only film to spin off from Law & Order. Four spin offs are foreign adaptations, one in Paris, France; two in Moscow, Russia; and one in London, the United Kingdom. Law & Order: Los Angeles lasted only one season.

Doctor Elizabeth Olivet from Law & Order appeared on New York Undercover Smack Is Back, and Doctor Emil Skoda from Law & Order appeared on New York Undercover Mob Street.

White Detective John Munch was on Homicide: Life on the Street he appeared on The X-Files Unusual Suspects. (The X-Files) After he moved to Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, he appeared on The Beat They Say It's Your Birthday, Arrested Development Exit Strategy, and The Wire Took. In Luther's fifth episode of the first season, John Luther mentions John Munch of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Deputy Marshall Mary Shannon from In Plain Sight appeared on Law & Order: Criminal Intent Contract.

Nicole Wallace, a recurring character on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, appeared on Jo Catacombs under an assumed name. She is identified by her fingerprints.

There have been three crossovers between Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and the Chicago franchise. (Special Victims Unit in Chicago)

The X-Files Xs

from FOX, CBS, and ABC

In Strange Luck Struck by Lightning, the character of Chance Harper's brother mentions Fox Mulder of The X-Files.

The graves of Nicholas and Diane Salinger from Party of Five are seen on The X-Files Milagro. Party of Five spun off Time of Your Life.

Frank and Jordan Black from Millennium appeared on The X-Files Millennium.

The X-Files spun off The Lone Gunmen along with two films and a revival miniseries.

The X Division from The X-Files was mentioned on Fringe A New Day in the Old Town. (good reason) The airline on Fringe The Dreamscape is called Oceanic Air, the same airline flown by Richard and Alexis Castle on Castle In Plane Sight. On Fringe Firefly, Doctor Walter Bishop says he is friends with Doctor Lawrence Jacoby from Twin Peaks, Bishop is wearing the same 3D glasses which Jacoby wears. (good reason)

The X-Files used the Morley cigarettes which first appeared in Beveryly Hills 90210 and look similar to Marlboro.

Special Victims Unit in Chicago

from NBC

Erin Lindsay from Chicago P.D. appeared on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Comic Perversion. On the same night, Odafin 'Fin' Tutuola and Amanda Rollins from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit appeared on Chicago P.D. Conventions.

The following year starting with Chicago Fire Nobody Touches Anything, continued on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Chicago Crossover, and ended on Chicago P.D. They'll Have To Go Through Me.

Another three way crossover started with Chicago Fire We Called Her Jellybean, continued on Chicago P.D. The Number of Rats, and ended on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Daydream Believer.

Chicago Fire is spinning off Chicago Med where there may be a four way crossover with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and the entire Chicago franchise.

Red box Morley

from various networks

Red box Morley cigarettes from Beverly Hills, 90210 The Back Story can be seen in the following series. Only the first appearance is listed.

Beverly Hills

from FOX and The CW

Beverly Hills 90120 spun off Melrose Place and 90210. Melrose Place spun off Models, Inc. and Melrose Place (2009).


from The WB; UPN; FOX; NBC; BBC One, Two, and Three; CBBC; ITV; and syndicated

Weyland-Yutani is the greedy corporation from the Alien series which appeared as a client of the evil law firm Wolfram & Hart on Angel Harm's Way. Weyland-Yutani's logo and an Imperial shuttle from Star Wars appeared on Firefly Serenity. A Holnist patch from The Postman can be seen on the shoulder of a dock worker on the Firefly film Serenity.

A M41A Pulse Rifle and USCM Smart Gun from Aliens appeared on Soldier. The soldier's service record shows he fought in the battles of Tannhauser Gate and Shoulder of Orion from Blade Runner, also the spinners from Blade Runner appeared on Soldier.

Alien vs. Predator series serves as a prequel to the Alien series and a sequel to the Predator series. (The film Predators is not part of the Alien vs. Predator series.)

Buffy Summers worked at the Doublemeat Palace owned by Guy Halveston, whose murder was investigated by Andy Barker, P.I. in Fairway, My Lovely. The Doublemeat Palace was previously mentioned in Dexter Truth Be Told.

The TARDIS from Doctor Who appeared on Red Dwarf Marooned in the hanger of the ship, Chelmsford 123 Arrivederci Roma, Sherlock The Hounds of Baskerville, and The Librarians And the Final Curtain where Doc Brown's DeLorean also appeared. A Narcissus escape shuttle built by Weyland-Yutani from Alien, a Klingon Bird of Prey from Star Trek, and the Eagle from Space: 1999 appeared on Red Dwarf Psirens in a shipyard of derelict ships. The Millennium Falcon from Star Wars appeared on Star Trek: First Contact. A Firefly class ship appeared on the Battlestar Galactica miniseries. A Constitution class ship from Star Trek appeared on Battlestar Galactica Daybreak.

Arthur Dent from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was mentioned in Doctor Who The Christmas Invasion. Doctor Who has five spin-offs.

The alien species from E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial appeared on Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

Dr. Jackson Roykirk, introduced on Star Trek The Changeling, appeared on Team Knight Rider Apocalypse Maybe. Team Knight Rider spun off from Knight Rider. (The Montecito)

The shuttle craft Indiana Jones appeared on Star Trek: The Next Generation Evolution.

R2-D2 from Star Wars appeared on Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness.

The sarlacc from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi was mentioned in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Forget Me Not. (Lost in Alias)

Lost in Alias

from ABC and NBC

Lost had two minor crossovers with Alias. The first was the fictional band called Driveshaft who were introduced on Lost and got a minor mention on Alias Authorized Personnel Only part 2. On Alias A Clean Conscience, the flight which got lost in Lost was mentioned.

Oceanic Airlines appeared on LAX Senator's Daughter, FlashForward No More Good Days, and Once Upon a Time The Stranger. Once Upon a Time spun off Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Oceanic Airlines flight 815 from Lost was mentioned on Chuck Chuck Versus the Helicopter, however the details around its destruction were inaccurate. (good reason)

Lost Raised by Another was the first appearance of Gannon Car Rentals. It has since appeared on Nip/Tuck Conor McMamara, 2026, Heroes The Fix, and Glee The New Rachel.

Credit Dauphine, a fictional bank, from Alias appeared on Eli Stone "The Path".

Slusho! from Alias So It Begins appeared on Heroes Cautionary Tales and Truth or Consequences (The Montecito), Cloverfield, Fringe The Road Not Taken and A Better Human Being, Star Trek (2009) (Weyland-Yutani), and Super 8.

L.A.P.D. Police Sergeant Al Powell makes his first appearance in Die Hard and then again in Die Hard 2. He reappears almost two decades later on Chuck Chuck Versus Santa Claus. Die Hard had three more sequels.

You can read more about Oceanic Airlines and find out why some do not cross over with Lost.


from NBC

ER Brothers and Sisters and Third Watch Unleashed crossed when Doctor Susan Lewis on ER got a call from her sister which prompts her to go to New York where she meets Detective Faith Yokas of Third Watch. Doctor Susan Lewis of ER and of Third Watch are in both episodes.

Third Watch In the Family Way and Medical Investigation Half Life cross when an outbreak of Marburg brings the NIH team to New York. Doctors Stephen Connor and Natalie Durant from Medical Investigation appeared on Third Watch and Detective Faith Yokas, Carlos Nieto, and Holly Levine from Third Watch appeared on Medical Investigation.

Detective Faith Yokas is the only character to have been on all three series.


from CBS and FOX

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has three spin-offs CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, and CSI: Cyber. The CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode Who and What concluded in the Without a Trace episode Where and Why. Detective Scotty Valens from Cold Case appeared on CSI:NY Cold Reveal.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation The Lost Girls and Bones The Woman in the Sand both mention the fictional Tangiers hotel. Bones spun off The Finder.

Bones The Resurrection in the Remains will crossover with Sleepy Hollow Dead Men Tell No Tales.

There was no crossover when Jon Cryer, Charlie Sheen, and Angus Jones from Two and a Half Men appeared on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Two and a Half Deaths as themselves. (people not considered)

Criminal Minds

from CBS

Criminal Minds spun off Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.

Prison Break

from FOX and A&E

Prison Break spun off Prison Break: Proof of Innocence and Breakout Kings.

Breaking Dead

from AMC

The blue meth from Breaking Bad appeared on The Walking Dead. Breaking Bad spun off Better Call Saul. The Walking Dead spun off Fear the Walking Dead, however it is not contiguous with The Walking Dead.


from ABC, Showtime, FOX, and NBC

Happy Time Temp Agency from Dead Like Me was mentioned on Pushing Daisies Bzzzzzzzzz!. Dead Like Me spun off Dead Like Me: Life After Death.

Marianne Marie Beetle from Wonderfalls Muffin Buffalo appeared on Pushing Daisies Comfort Food.

Gretchen Speck-Horowitz from Wonderfalls appeared on Hannibal Amuse-bouche under her maiden name Gretchen Speck.


from FOX, Showtime, and FX

24 spun off 24: Live Another Day and 24: Legacy. 24 uses a fake news company known as CNB. CNB has appeared on Homeland "The Star" and in Tyrant second season. Howard Gordon worked on 24 and helmed the latter two series.

Monday night on Syfy

from SyFy

Eureka, Warehouse 13, and Alphas aired on SyFy on Monday nights together.

Eureka and Warehouse 13 had three crosses. Douglas Fargo from Eureka appeared on Warehouse 13 13.1. Claudia Donovan from Warehouse 13 appeared on Eureka Crossing Over. Douglas Fargo also appeared on Warehouse 13 Don’t Hate the Player.

Dr. Vanessa Calder, who recurred on Warehouse 13, appeared on Alphas Never Let Me Go.

The Montecito Resort and Casino

from NBC, ABC, and BBC Two

If you watched Crossing Jordan you probably already know that it crossed over with Las Vegas. Crossing Jordan What Happens in Vegas Dies in Boston continued in Las Vegas Two of a Kind. Crossing Jordan Luck Be a Lady continued in Las Vegas Double Down, Triple Threat. There were episodes of each series which had appearances by characters from the other which did not share a story line with the other that week. Jordan Cavanaugh and Woody Hoyt of Crossing Jordan appeared on Las Vegas History of Violins. Danny McCoy of Las Vegas appeared on Crossing Jordan Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

When a network has a series which is set in a casino, every time another series needed one, you can guess where they went, in this case the Montecito Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

The Passions 20 and 23 May 2005 episodes were set in the Montecito with Mary Connell from Las Vegas appearing. Before characters from Passions gambled at the Montecito, Dr. Bombay from Bewitched appeared on Passions on 17 September 1999. Bewitched spun off Tabitha.

On Medium Method to His Madness, Allison Dubois was dreaming about a person who was gambling at the Montecito.

On Las Vegas The Story Of Owe, the fictional company Dunder-Mifflin from The Office (U.S.) is mentioned. After the the people from Dunder-Mifflin went to the Montecito off screen, David Brent from The Office (U.K.) appeared on The Office (U.S.) The Seminar. The Sergio Georgini fashon line from The Office Party (U.K.) appeared in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia A Very Sunny Christmas.

On Heroes Collision, the characters Hiro Nakamura and Ando Masahashi gamble at the Montecito. Heroes spun off Heroes Reborn.

On Knight Rider, the 2008 film, the characters Mike Traceur and Sarah Graiman met in the Montecito. Before Mike and Sarah met at the Montecito, the original Knight Rider series two part episode Mouth of the Snake introduced the character David Dalton who would go onto his own series Code of Vengeance.

Are witches heroes? Are heroes witches? Is the fictional Allison Dubois a witch, hero, or both?