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Political opinions

These are my opinions about politics. They are only supported by what I have read or heard, so I could be wrong. I am open to others' opinions, though I may not change my mind. If you feel strongly about these issues, please comment below to tell me what you think. You have the power to change my mind, and if you do, I will change what is here accordingly.

Internet and government

I am against the Internet Blacklist Legislation also known as Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the House of Representatives and Protect IP Act (PIPA) in the Senate in the United States of America where this site is hosted.

Religion and government

I do not like that religious officials are running for political offices. Those people are not going to represent their constituents, just their religion. That is wrong. I also think that the government should not support any religious organization, no matter what the cause. Religious organizations should be supported by their own membership. If the membership can not support the organization, maybe the organization should disband. I do not think that religious symbols should be removed from public buildings that have historical value. I am against any new incursions of religion added to those same buildings. If there is to be a religious display, it should include all religions, mainstream and otherwise, even if the religion is not accepted by the majority.

Science suffers as long as religion is used for profit. When religion pushes to have science removed from publicly funded education, the children and our future will suffer. If a church pays its ministers a salary, it is a corporation that should be taxed like any other corporation.

Short opinions

To get better election results, we need a better majority.

Our government wouldn't cost us as much if we stopped asking for so much. It should be the last place to go for help.

More opinions