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These are the known families of the characters of Xanth though not all of them. Trees are drawn if there are five or more people across two or more generations unless it is complicated. All people and relationships in parentheses are from one of Ida's moons or an alternate reality.

The family of Kings and Magicians

                                                  Ebnez  Mnem
    Calliope   Euterpe    Melpomene    Polyhymenia    Erato    Terpsichore    Thalia    Urania    Clio  Sherlock
                                                        ¦                                              │
                                                        ¦                                           Ciriana (a)
                                                      Roland  Bianca                                                                                                                                                           Merlin  Tapis
                                                             │                   unnamed woman  Trent  Iris     Simurgh                                                                                           ┌────────────────┴───────────────┐
                                                            Bink  Chameleon                   │         │             │                                                                                           Jonathan  Millie                   │
                                                               ┌─┴────┬──────────┐            son   ┌────┴────┬────────│───────────┬───────────────┐                                                              ┌─────────┴─────────┐                │
                                                              Dor ════│══════════│══════════════ Irene     Ilene  Sim      (Trenris)     Irenti/Trentia                                           Vernon  Lacuna               Hiatus  Desiree   │
                                           Murphy  Vadne             │          │       │                                                                                                      ┌───────┬────┴──┬──────────┐               │           │
                                                  │                Auspice     Anima     │                                                                                           Cu(b)e  Ryver    Jot    Tittle    (Lacky)          Piper         │
                                                  │             ┌────────────────────────┴──────────────────────────────────────┬───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────┬──────────────────────────────────│──────────────────────────────────┐
                                                 Grey ═══════ Ivy             Roland Robot  Hannah Barbarian                 (Io)                                                                Ho (════════) Ida ═══════ Hilarion     Roogna  Taplin (════════════════════════) Dolph ══════════════════════ Electra        Marrow Bones  Grace'l Ossein
    ┌────────────┬──────────────────┬─────────────────────┴────┬───────────┬────────────────│──────────────┬─────────┬────────────┬──────────┬────────────────┬──────────────────┬────────┐            │           │         │                               │                     ┌──────────┐                  ┌──┴───┬────────┐          ┌────┴─────┐
Abscissa     Ordinate     Anomy  Melody      Bev  Bryce  Harmony      Rhythm ══════ Cyrus Cyborg     (Revy     Ilene II     Gerrod     Grant     Isabella Emily Carolyn     Dol     Green)      (Idaho)     (Idyll)     Ione                          (Dolin)      Haughty  Charon     Sharon  PL(U/T)O  Eve     │   (Crescendo)     │        Joy'nt Bone
                                │            ┌────┴──┬─────────┐                   │                                                                                                                                                                                                                          │        Dawn ═══════════ Picka Bone
                            (Melanoma)      son     son     daughter             Kadence                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Plato            ┌────┴────┐
                                             │       │         │                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Data     Piton
                                            unnamed grandchildren          

While Trent was exiled in Mundania, he married and had a son. Their deaths were the catalyst of his return to Xanth.


Possible family

Trenris is the possible son of Iris and Trent and reverses the effects of other people's talents. (Faun and Games)

The twins Abscissa and Ordinate, who can travel by geometry, were supposed to be Ivy's and Grey's children. They were dropped off at an orphanage when Ivy and Grey took too long to marry. (Roc and a Hard Place)

There are several possible children of Ivy and Grey on Ida's moons. Revy reverses magic, Ilene II controls storms, Gerrod communicates with water, Grant reads minds, Isabella Emily Carolyn borrows talents for an hour, Dol makes inanimate things come to life, and Green manipulates time to travel farther. (All of them were introduced in Faun and Games except Green who was introduced in The Dastard.)

Idaho is a possible daughter of Ida and Ho, though The Dastard kept her from being born. (The Dastard) Idyll is another possible daughter of Ida who suppresses all thought, though her possible father is unknown. (Faun and Games)

Crescendo is a possible son of Electra and Dolph making music from anything. (Faun and Games)

Lacky is a possible daugther of Lacuna and Vernon whose writings come true. (The Dastard)

All of these people live on Ptero except Abscissa and Ordinate who are live in main Xanth and Ilene II and Gerrod who live on the Blue Face of Pyramid.

The family of Humfrey

Humfrey is the magician of information and was the seventeenth King of Xanth. He has five and a half wives and family connections from all of them.

       Humbug     man    
Humboldt     unnamed sisters     Humfrey          

Humfrey and Dara

Dara is the first wife of Humfrey and a demoness. Humfrey got her name wrong and calls her Dana. After Dafrey was born, she left Humfrey. A while later, Dara assumed the likeness of Taiwan and conceived Matt a Dor to get rid of the remaining bits of soul attached to her.

 Humfrey  Dara
Dafrey    Matt a Dor          

Humfrey and Taiwan

Maiden Taiwan is the second wife of Humfrey. When she married him, she lost the title Maiden and became Matron Taiwan. Maiden China is Taiwan's actual sister, while Maiden Japan and Maiden Mexico are spiritual sisters.

She and the other Maidens were saved by Nan O' Tek and brought to Xanth from Mundania. They formed Mai-Den Corporation Industrial Park in the Gap chartered by King Ebnez.

Taiwan left Humfrey when he abdicated the throne.

Humfrey  Maiden Taiwan    Maiden China    Maiden Japan    Maiden Mexico
                                    Ivan  Maiden Yukay          

Humfrey and Rose

Rose of Roogna is the third wife of Humfrey.

                                                                                                                        Heather  Shadows
         Curse Fiend  Gromden ═════════════════════════════════════════════ Metria ═══════════════════════════════════════ Veleno
                               │                                                                                            │
                 Yin-Yang  Threnody  Jordan  Bluebell                                                                    │
                    │                         │               ┌───────────┐                                                 │
    Ashley Rose  Bliss                      son            Herman      centaur                                             │
                │                             ¦                            │                                                │
Humfrey  Rose of Roogna                      ¦                         Chester  Cherie                                    │
        │                               ┌─────┴─────┐                       ┌───┴───┐                                       │
     Rosetta  Stone        Grundy  Rapunzel    Repulsive       sea cow  Chet    Chem  Xap Hippogryph                    │
                                   │                                     │              │                                   │
                                   │                      griffiness  Cencow          Chex ══════════ Cheiron             │
                              ┌────┴────┐                   ┌────────┼────────┐          ┌───────┼───────────┐          ┌───┴───┐
                              │     (Glitter)             Merei    Mesta     Dell        │     Chelsy     Cherish      Ted    Chaos
                              │                                                          │
                           Surprise  (════════════════════════════════════════════)  Che
                                     Umlaut (═══════│═════════════════════) Cynthia 
                              ┌─────┴────┐          (│)               ┌──────────┬────┴─────┬──────────┐
                            Prize      (son)       (foal)         (Cheline)    (Chen)    (Cherin)    (Chel)          



Metria is the demoness mother of the half-demons Thenody, Ted, and Chaos whose fathers are human.

Possible family

Glitter, whose talent is the sparkle, is a possible daughter of Grundy Golem and Rapunzel. (Faun and Games)

There are several alternate reality versions of Surprise and a few with Che in Stork Naked.

Humfrey and Sofia

Sofia is the fourth wife of Humfrey and was given the last name Socksorter by him.

       Humfrey  Sofia
 Grinelle  Crombie  Jewel      Crunch  Sleeping Beauty
          │         │                   │
      Griselda    Tandy ════════════ Smash  Blythe  Brawnye
                              │                     │
       Draco  woman        Eskil ═══════════════ Bria
             │        ┌───────────┬───────┴───────────┬────────────┬────────┐
           Becka  Brusque    (Briskil  Nina)     (Astrid)     Benzine   Epoxy
                 │                     │
                Ben                  (Nora)          

Crombie was transformed into a griffin for a mission; and while transformed, he was given love potion by Grinelle. Their daughter Griselda was born a griffin with human intelligence.

Jewel is a nymph. Her daughter Tandy by Crombie is half-nymph.

Crunch is an ogre. His son Smash by Sleeping Beauty, an unnamed Curse Fiend, is half-ogre.

Blythe and Brawye are brassies as is their daughter Bria.

Eskil is half-human and quarter nymph and ogre.

The children of Bria and Eskil are half-brassie, quarter-human, and eighth nymph and ogre.

Draco is a dragon. His daughter Becka, by an unnamed woman, is a half-dragon.

Ben is three-eighths human, quarter dragon and brassie, and sixteenth nymph and ogre.

Possible family

Briskil and Astrid are a possible children of Bria and Eskil. Briskil is married to Nina Naga, and they had Nora. (Faun and Games)

Humfrey and Gorgon

Gorgon is the fifth wife of Humfrey.

          merman  woman                person
            ┌────┴────┐                   │                                                             ┌─────────────────────────────────┐
Humfrey  Gorgon    Siren  Morris     Lorelei                                                        Nabob               Grossclout     Nera  Nathan
        │                 │                                                             ┌───────────────┴──────────────┐      │               │
      Hugo  Wira         │                        Merwin ═══════ Melantha ════════ Naldo                           Nada  Vore           Nefra
      ┌────┴────┐         │                               │           ┌──────────┬──┴─────────┬──────────┐           ┌─────┴─────┐
    (Wigo)     Liz      Cyrus ════════════════════════ Marcie    (Nigel)    (Mourning)    (Knight)    Nadine     DeMonica    (Demos)


Nabob is king of the Naga and father of Naldo and Nada. Nara is Nabob's sister and married to Nathan, a human, and Nefra's mother.


Morris is a merman who married Siren. Together they had Cyrus.

Melantha was married to Mewrin, who died. Together they had Marcie. Melantha then married Naldo.


Grossclout is the father of Prince Vore. Vore married Nada, and they had Demonica.

Possible family

These are possible family members introduced in Faun and Games who are mostly on Ptero.

Wigo, whose talent is draining magic, is a possible daughter of Hugo and Wira.

Nigel, whose talent is rejuvenating others, and the twins Mourning and Knight, both without talents, are possible sons of Naldo and Melantha.

Demos is a possible son of Nada and Vore.

Cerci, whose talent is to change people into pigs, is a possible daughter of Cyrus and Marcie on the Gray Face of Pyramid.

Humfrey and MareAnn

Humfrey and MareAnn have an unnamed child on the Gray Face of Pyramid in Board Stiff. MareAnn is related to HellAnn, SpartAnn, and TrojAnn; but their relations to her are unknown.

The family of Chester

       Herman      centaur
                  Chester  Cherie
       sea cow  Chet    Chem  Xap Hippogryph
               │              │
griffiness  Cencow          Chex ══════════ Cheiron
  ┌────────┼────────┐          ┌───────┼───────────┐
Merei    Mesta     Dell        │     Chelsy     Cherish
                    Cynthia  Che
        (Cheline)    (Chen)    (Cherin)    (Chel)          

Marei, Mesta, and Dell were delivered human though they are griffin, seacow, and centaur in origin.

Winged centaurs

Chem mated with Xap, a hippogryph; and they had Chex, a winged centaur.

Chex eventually found Cheiron; and they had Che and the twins, Chelsy and Cherish.

Cynthia was a human who was transformed into a winged centaur by Trent. She went into the Brain Coral pool because there were no other winged centaurs at the time. When she returned to Xanth, she met and married Che.

Possible family

Cynthia and Che may have Cheline, to be born in 1107; Chen, to be born in 1108; Cherin, to be born in 1109; and Chel, to be born in 1110. They are waiting on Ptero to be summoned.

The family of Gorbage

                            ┌─────────────┴─────────────┐       ┌─────────────┬───────────────┬────────────────┐                ┌─────────────────┬────────────┐
              sub-chief  Goldy                       Glory  Hardy    Grand Harridan    Grobigtail    Hoary Harributtes      giant             giant        giant
                        │                               ┌───┴───┐                                                           ┌───┴───┐             │            │
       Grotesk       Godiva ══ Gouty ══ mistress      │     Harglo                                                        │     (Kerby)      Greatbow      Girard  Gina
          │                 │           │             Gloha ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Graebo                               ┌────┴────┐
Go-Go  Goody ════════ Gwendolyn     Gobble                                   ┌──────────┼──────────┐                                                       (Gim)     (Gine)
                                                                           (Ghina)    (Geddy)    Orienta          


Hardy is a male harpy. Gloha and Harglo are winged goblins. Grand Harridan, Grobigtail, and Hoary Harributtes are said to be aunts to Gloha; however the relationship may be more distant.


Graebo was an invisible giant who was transformed by Trent into a winged goblin. Graebo has two cousins, Greatbow and Girard. Girard married Gina in the Dream Realm.

Possible family

These are possible family members introduced in Faun and Games.

Kerby is a possible brother of Graebo on the red face of Pyramid.

Ghina and Geddy are large invisible winged goblins on the red face of Pyramid which orbits Ida on Ptero.

Gim and Gine are possible sons of Girard and Gina on Ptero.

Major and Dwarf Demon families

Nimby and Chlorine

Nimby, which stands for "not in my back yard", is the major demon X(A/N)TH in his dragon-ass form. He met and fell in love with Chlorine during Yon Ill Wind.

The clouds Cumulo Fracto Nimbus and Happy Bottom (Hurricane Gladys) married and had Fray and Wynde Tchill.

Nimbus is interested in Fray.

     brute father  shrew mother
Nimby  Chlorine     Flourine      Cumulo Fracto Nimbus  Happy Bottom
      │                                            ┌────│────────┐
    Nimbus ═════════════════════════════════════ Fray     Wynde Tchill          

Eris and Jumper

Eris is the mother of Dysnomia and both are Dwarf Demons. Both Jumpers are jumping spiders. Jumper I traveled back in time with Dor. Jumper II is a many generation descendant of Jumper I who was transformed into a human.

Jumper I  unnamed wife
    Jumper II  Eris

Cat families

Centaur families

Dragon families

Ogre families

The family of Okra

       Opuntia    Fannie  Bareface Von Wryn
Fern Kudzu     Mazipana Giganta
   Okra  Smithereen
    Og    Not-Og          

Human families

Sofia's play

Miss Take, playing Raven, and Miss Inform, playing Robin, were actresses in Sofia's play who married Justin Case and Justin Time to save the play on Ptero. The characters Ruben and Rowena the parents of Raven and Robin.

   ┌─────────────┐            ┌───────────────┐
Out Take     Miss Take  Justin Case     Justin Time  Miss Inform          
       Ruben  Rowena
son  Raven     Robin  Ize          

Sette family

      Asse Sette  Marmie Sette
Ree Sette    Upp Sette    Sunny Sette          


These people are together whether it be married, dating, or went off together somewhere.




Mundane families

The family of Arjayess

Arjayess  Jehial 
  Jenny     Jordyn          

The Baldwin Family

Jim and Mary Baldwin entered Xanth in Yon Ill Wind with their children. Sean is Jim's son by a previous marriage. David is Mary's son by a previous marriage. Karen is the daughter to both Jim and Mary. They are traveling with their pets Woofer, Sean's dog; Midrange, David's cat, and Tweeter, Karen's bird.

Jim's first wife  Jim Baldwin  Mary Baldwin  Mary's first husband
                 │             │              │
  Willow Elf  Sean          Karen          David/Earth  Jaylin/Fornax          

The family of Silhouette

Susan     unnamed     Filip
             │          │
Yorick  Silhouette  Philip          

Other families

The family of Adora Bull

Pundora was dating Attila the Pun until his death when Dawn revealed he was a pun. She became the lover of Piper, the music monster, initially to keep him from taking Attila then to get revenge on Dawn. She went off with Gattila the Gun.

Piper was dating Granola, an invisible giant, until he became a suitor for Harmony. He met and fell in love with Anna Molly. Anna Molly is Justin Kase transformed into a woman.

Adora Bull went off with Battila the Bun.

Adora Bull has many half siblings by the Minotaur. The siblings with the second name Bull have bull heads and human bodies. The siblings with the first name Bull have human heads and bull bodies.

The siblings of Attila, Battila, and Gattila are all human.

      ┌───────────────────┼───────────────┐               ┌──────────────────────────────┬───────────────┬───────────────┬──────────────────┐
(half-brothers)    (half-sisters)     Adora Bull  Battila the Bun      Pundora  Attila the Pun         │            (brothers)         (sisters)         
 Capa Bull          Flexi Bull                                                   Piper  Granola        │             Fattila the Fun    Hattila the Hun
 Horri Bull         Lova Bull                                                           Anna Molly     │             Rattila the Run    Nattila the Nun
 Bull-etin          Misera Bull                                                 ═════════════════ Gattila the Gun     Sattila the Sun    Pattila the Un
 Bull-ion           Practica Bull
 Bull-rush          Terri Bull

The family of Com Pewter

        Com Passion  Com Pewter
Com Ponent     Com Panion     Com Pound          

The family of Jenny

Wolverton is the King of the Werewolves on the Isle of Wolves and sire of Jeremy. Jeremy married Jenny, an elf from the world of Two Moons from ElfQuest. Jenny and Jeremy had Jerry and Jone, both welfs. Jone died in an accident.

  Jeremy  Jenny
  Jerry     Jone             

The family of Xavier

Xanthippe and her son Xavier are human. Xavier fell in love with Zora, a zombie, and later married her.

Xander and Zelda are possible human children of Xavier and Zora on Ptero. (The Dastard)

              Xavier  Zora
Zyzzyva  Xeth    (Xander)   (Zelda)          

Same species couples

Interspecies couples

The Apprentice Adept

The Apprentice Adept series is now tangentially connected to the Xanth series from Stile being mentioned in Question Quest and several characters from Phaze appearing in Cube Route.

Stile  Lady Blue  Blue Adept  Sheen     Neysa     Chip
      │                        │             │
     Bane  Agape             Mach ══════ Fleta
          │                           │
         Nepe                       Flach          

Stile and the Blue Adept are mirrors of each other between Proton and Phaze.

Sheen is a robot from Proton.

Neysa, Chip, and Fleta are unicorns from Phaze.

Mach and his descendants are cyborgs.

Agape is an amorphous alien from Proton.

The Incarnations of Immortality

The Incarnations of Immortality series is tangentially connected to Xanth from Zane being mentioned in Questions Quest.

Gawain  Kerena           unnamed
       │                     ¦
   Gawain II                 ¦
       ¦                     ¦
       ¦       ┌─────────────¦───────────────────┐
       ¦    Kaftan 1        Sean              Kaftan 2 
       ¦       │             │                   │
       ¦    Cedric ══════ Niobe ════════════ Pacian ══════ Blanche
       ¦           │                   │                    │
       ¦           │   Lilith  Lilith  │
       ¦           │    Leaga  Mym  Orb  Perry  Jolie   │
       ¦           │  Rapture      │                       │
       ¦           │                │                       │
       ¦       Cedric Jr. ══════════│═══════════════════ Blenda
       ¦                            │    │
       ¦                            │   Luna  Zane
       ¦                            │
    Gawain ════════════════════ Orlene  Norton
                                     Gawain II