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Lydell is a man from Xanth. His talent is changing the color, texture, smell, or taste of things. He was introduced in Fire Sail as a major character.

Lydell was delivered in 1096. He is the boyfriend of Grania and father of Ula. He is 21 years old.

Lydell is nondescript with light brown hair, brown eyes, a forgettable face, and nothing special physically or mentally. His nickname is "Dell". He was the best man at the wedding of Rhythm and Cyrus. Zephyr, Merrie, Nan O'Tech, Kadence, Froma, Jill, Tess, Ann Noy, Rosie the Riveter, D. Mure, and Anna Sthesia were eleven women who were wrong for him. Only the twelfth woman, Grania, was right for him. He is one of the proprietors of Fibot. He adopted Ula.