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This is a collection of my notes about the Xanth series I have gathered. There are many major families and places. If some of this looks familiar, I started a lot of Xanth related articles on Wikipedia. This page is very incomplete as I am nine novels behind in the series and have not been able to kept up with it.

Kings of Human Xanth

Ivy is the current King of Xanth. There are no ruling queens; so no matter gender, the ruler of Xanth is King. The power of Sorceresses is equal to the power of Magicians; so when a woman becomes King, she is referred to as Magician.

  1. Merlin, magician of knowledge
  2. Roogna, magician of adaptation
  3. Rana, mother of Rune, magician of creation, and the first female King
  4. Reitas, magician of problem solving
  5. Rune, magician of evocation and son of Rana
  6. Jonathan is the magician of zombies. He will return to the throne pro tem in Centaur Aisle and Night Mare.
  7. Vortex, magician of demon summoning
  8. Neytron, magician who brings paintings to life
  9. Nero, magician who brings golems to life
  10. Gromden, magician of divining the history of things he touches
  11. Yin-Yang, magician who can create invokable spells
  12. Muerte A. Fid, magician of alchemy and uncle of Quan
  13. Quan, magician of herbalism and nephew of Muerte A. Fid
  14. Elona, magician of longevity and the second female King
  15. Warren, magician who could create ghosts and also was a ghost
  16. Ebnez, magician who could adapt magical inanimate objects
  17. Humfrey is magician of information. He will return to the throne pro tem in Night Mare.
  18. Aeolus, magician of storms
  19. Trent is the magician of transformation. During the Next Wave in Night Mare, several magicians acted as King pro tem.
    1. Dor served as King pro tem previously in Centaur Aisle and becomes King at the end of Night Mare.
    2. Jonathan was the sixth King of Xanth and served as King pro tem previously in Centaur Aisle.
    3. Humfrey served as King previously until Aeolus replaced him.
    4. Bink is a magician who can not be harmed by magic.
    5. Arnold, a centaur, is the first non-human Magician to rule Xanth in any capacity.
    6. Iris is the sorceress of Illusion.
    7. Irene was classified a neo-Sorceress until Night Mare when she was elevated to full Sorceress so she could take the throne.
    8. Chameleon is not a sorceress, however, she was the most intelligent person available to be king.
    9. Imbri is a night mare who became king as she was the only one who could break the chain.
  20. Dor is the magician who can talk to inanimate objects; he called upon Murphy to act as King pro tem in Isle of View.
  21. Ivy is the magician of enhancement, daughter of Dor.

Other Kings and leaders

Dream Realm




During Ragna Roc's reign


I want to thank Douglas Harter for all of his work putting together the list of characters on HiPiers. I could not have completed the family trees without him.