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The Belgariad and Malloreon

These are the gods and lands of the Belgariad and Malloreon created by David and Leigh Eddings.

The gods

The lands

There are two continents on this world with fourteen kingdoms with Nyissa and Ulgoland being the only current theocracies.

The West

The West includes the four independent kingdoms of Aloria, Sendaria, Arendia, Tol Nedra, Maragor, Nyissa, and Ulgoland. Belgarion, the Rivan King, is the overlord of the West.


Aloria was once a large kingdom in the north on the western continent until Belgarath ordered it divided into four independent kingdoms.


Arendia is a kingdom on the western continent. It once had four duchies, now it has only two.

The East

The East is considered all lands held by the Angaraks, though not all within are Angarak.


Mallorea is an empire which encompasses the entire eastern continent and includes several groups of nations. The Emperor is also the overlord of Cthol Murgos, Mishrak ac Thull, and Gar og Nadrak on the western continent.